About Us

Who we are

  • Full Stack Data Management Service Provider and Service Aggregator
  • An Affiliate company of Ekwantu Consulting
  • Proudly BBBEE Level 1

What we offer

Everything Data.

Responding to our customers requirements to optimize and unlock the IT estates full technology potential.


Bringing Experts Together to Surve our Customers with the highest level of customer centricity through service excellence.


  • Service Excellence
  • Respect & Integrity
  • Connecting with Passion
Value Proposition

Optimized costs and Service efficiency

To keep the technology estate Connected and Available | To Enable business through efficient IT management.

Keeping current with the wide variety of technology, and the the fast moving pace of implementing technology and having the relevant skills to deploy.

Customers have unexplored and unexploited usage and performance of the of IT assets. We Unlock and Protect stored business data.

Tech expertise across the stack

To provide Sustainable Service Excellence with the Relevant Technical Skills.

Unlocking the full potential of the implemented IT assets/technology to ensure optimized usage and expenditure on technology | Unlock and reposition data to create business insights.

Providing Technology experts from a single aggregator providing the service.

Keeping current with industry trends through a single service provider

Stay up to date with technology trends and business demands.

Insight to business data, Optimizing IT cost, Optimizing IT assets and implemented technologies


TechSurve partners to deliver with experts on technology and service requirements

Service Excellence to ensure you have optimal delivery outputs.

Integrity & Respect for your environment and people.

Connecting with passion to understand our customers needs and ensuring we align with your strategy

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